Monday, January 23, 2012

Dry Babe Review

About Dry Babe
Dry Babe® is a start-up company dedicated to providing women experiencing night sweats with state-of-the-art sleepwear that will absorb moisture while also wicking it away from the skin. Not only will night sweat sufferers get a better night's sleep due to no longer being woken up feeling cold, wet and clammy, but they will also enjoy the fun & flirty style and the luxurious softness of Dry Babe® sleepwear.

The founder of Dry Babe® , Wendy Collett, is herself a night sweat sufferer. After months of interrupted sleep, she decided that there had to be a better way and set off on a mission to find a product that would absorb her nighttime perspiration.

After much research, which included both product and fabric trials, Wendy had what she could only describe as a Eureka! moment. She had found the type of fabric that would not only wick away sweat, but more importantly, would absorb it too. From there, Wendy worked with fabric manufacturers to tweak the composition of the fabric so that it would also look great on the body and feel great to the touch. The fabric works by absorbing moisture from the skin, leaving less moisture to be wicked away by evaporation. The fabric was also carefully selected so that it would be oh-so-soft and luxurious to the touch.

Wendy's original plan was to just have a few nighties made for herself. After discussing the project with friends and acquaintances, she realized that many women are suffering from the effects of night sweats for a variety of reasons. She could no longer keep her discovery just for her own use when there are countless women who would also benefit from a product that both absorbs and wicks away moisture. That was the moment Dry Babe® was born.

DRY BABE - It Really Works!!

Dry Babe feels good! I got the “Sweet Dreams” Night Gown. I love the way it fits, really comfortable to sleep in. I woke up feeling fresh and rested because for once, I wasn't tossing and turning, waking up hot then cold. The way I laid down to sleep, is the way I woke up, for once the bed covers weren't all over the room!!

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