Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Special Nomination Giveaway

This Christmas I would like to do something a little different. You will all have the chance to nominate a special someone to win a special prize from ME! All nominations will be emailed to me and I will personally go through them. So enter below and tell me who you think deserves a little something special this year. I want to wish you all a wonderful and safe Holiday season!

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  1. TY for a great giveaway Christina!!!
    I nominate my fiance's mother! She nourishes & takes care of me &I'm not even married in the family yet but, to not have a relationship with my own mother & for her to take me in like I'm hers, from almost $5k in dental work, to anything I need, she's done it & she does for others as well & NEVER complains about ANYTHING, no pains, aches or lack of money...she trails on & still works at the hospital in Radiololgy.She's a real angel!!!!!

  2. I would like to nominate my husband this Christmas, I'm not trying to be selfish but he is deserving. Let me further explain, I recently lost my job of 4 years called Civic Health & Rehab, formerly known as Americare in Memphis, TN. We had not notice but 2 weeks approximately, then I couldn't get unemployment due to my employer not paying into unemployment. Therefore, my husband had to take on all the bills by himself, not to mention that Christmas isn't too far away. He has bought all of our kids(4) all new clothes, but is unable to buy them shoes or toys because of limited income. He acts like nothing has changed and everything is okay, which is the way to be, he keeps our spirits high. I believe he deserves something very nice for Christmas! Thanks for allowing me to share us with you.